Sick note (Fit notes)

If you have been sick for:

MORE than 4 days in a row, BUT LESS than 7 days, you can self–certify your illness using a SC2 form. You will need to obtain this form from your employer or by clicking on this link to the HMRC website. PLEASE do not contact the surgery for a fit note in this instance as we will be unable to provide you with one.

Some employers insist on a Doctor’s note regardless of the above national guidance and if a request for a private doctor’s note is made, then under these circumstances a charge will apply for this service.

If you have been sick for:

MORE than 7 days, then you can request a sick note (fit note) from the surgery (Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00) by clicking on this link and filling out the online form . When filling out the online fit note request please follow the following advice:

– Select “I want administrative help” section

– Select “Sick note (fit note)”

– Please give us as much information as possible as this will avoid further delay in processing your request

Your request will be routinely reviewed and this can take up to 5 days to process.