Southampton Primary Care Limited

We are a primary care federation serving 285 000 patients from Southampton practices who live in postcode areas SO14-SO19

Founded in 2015 from a vision that health care, and illness, does not fit neatly into Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm.

People who work, yet require health checks, want to access services around their working week.  At our inception we provided appointments each evening and at the weekends.

As we have all experienced, over recent years, our own surgeries are under immense pressure, appointments are being quickly filled with demand out-stripping supply.  SPCL have expanded to offer extra appointments throughout the day so patients can access health professionals when they clinically need to.

Our team has expanded to include paramedics, physiotherapists, advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs), GPs, practice nurses, HCAs, social prescribers.  We have a team dedicated to Care Homes across Southampton, an oxygen monitoring service for those with respiratory conditions who are at risk of a more severe illness or have concerning symptoms. A home visiting service is also provided for patients who are housebound with a new concern.

It is usually best to see your own GP practice if you have a long-term health problem which needs further input, for example if your blood pressure is difficult to control and you have tried many different tablets. It would be difficult for someone outside your practice to judge what to do next.

Our mission is improving access to general practice, stimulating innovative ways of providing primary care services, whilst educating, inspiring and engaging the community we serve.

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