Repeat prescriptions

A REPEAT PRESCRIPTION is a medication which a clinician has agreed can be requested on a repeat basis without you needing to see or speak to a doctor each time.

Once this has been set up by the clinician you will usually be able to reorder this monthly for a defined period before requiring to speak to a clinician again.

If you are a new patient you will need to speak to our Pharmacist first to set-up your repeat prescription on the system. You can do this by speaking to the reception team.

How to order a repeat prescription

You will only be able to order repeat prescriptions once the Pharmacist has set this up for you. The easiest way to order your repeat prescriptions once they have been setup are online:

  • You can use the the GP online system by clicking on this link if you already have an account.
  • If you do not have an account then please come and ask at reception for login details. Please then use your login details provided to register for an online account to use this service.
  • Alternatively you can make a request by hand if you cannot order your repeat prescription by the above methods and deliver this through the surgery letter box or in person when we are open.
  • Alternatively if you are unable to use the above methods then you can fill out an online repeat prescription form by clicking on this link
  • If you are unable to use any of the above methods then you can telephone us AFTER 10:30am when we are open to make your request.

Please allow at least of 48 hours’ notice (2 full working days) for your request to be processed.

Please remember to nominate a pharmacy.

We do NOT accept email requests.

Nominating a pharmacy

When making a medication request YOU MUST NOMINATE A PHARMACY. You can do this online or by letting us know at the time of your medication request which pharmacy you wish to collect your prescription from-this is called your nominated pharmacy. You can find a local pharmacy to nominate by clicking on this link. Please collect your prescription from your nominated pharmacy 3 to 5 working days after you have ordered it.

Find your local pharmacy and how they can help

You can find a local pharmacy by clicking on this link.

Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals and they can offer help with minor illnesses – please click on this link to find out more.

Many pharmacies are open until late and also at weekends.

You do not need an appointment.

Over the counter medications

If you request a medication which is available over the counter from your pharmacy we may ask you to buy this directly from your pharmacy. You can find a list of common conditions for which you can buy over the counter medications for.

Making changes to your repeat prescriptions

If you would like ANY changes to be made to your repeat prescription then please make a routine appointment.

Medication Reviews

If you have a repeat prescription, we will ask you to come in for a regular review (usually 6-12 months). We will text or phone you requesting up to date information and when you are due a review you will be invited to come in. Please ensure that you respond to these requests as this will to avoid unnecessary delays to your prescription requests. Please ensure you keep us updated with any changes in your contact details.